How it all began.

A team of 3 women, a biking story that sparked the nut butter making and a passion/obsession to create simple food, and that's how this food company was born.
PeelsNutButter pretty much started from nothing. It was 2016, I was working at BUMSONTHESADDLE building bike shops which meant I was riding my bike a fair bit. Longer rides needed better nutrition and something easy to prep as I stumbled through the kitchen at 4:30am pre-ride.
Bread, date syrup slapped with some experimental peanut butter had biker eyebrows raised in approval mid ride as we fuelled our legs for the second half of the ride back and there you go - the Nut Butter churning began! Humble beginnings and some very kind amateur athletes testing out home made nut butters, swearing by the nutritional recovery they got from natural no nonsense butter and a final nudge from my brother to get started.
Here we are in 2024, whipping 7 butters and going strong!
Thank you for being a part of our journey this far, it’s been beautiful.
Payal Kini
Founder | Head Whipper